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 As a result of years of witnessing and experiencing barbers' everyday problems, Ronald S. Hampton Sr., a successful chemist, created a highly effective and very easy cleaning solution for clippers in 1986.

What made this cleaner so revolutionary was that it did NOT contain water. This development was extraordinary for three reasons. 

  • First, the cleaner would not rust the sensitive metal blades that must stay razor sharp to ensure the finest haircut. 
  • Second, Virucidal Anti-Bacterial H-42 Clean Clippers® could thoroughly clean clippers without the hassle of removing the blades. 
  • Third, this product did not conduct electricity and could be used while the clippers were on, aiding in the removal of virtually all hair and contaminates from the previous customer, preventing cross-contamination.

Barbers greatly appreciated the resulting speed and convenience of this perfect solution and the first product was a great success. The US Patent Office then granted Mr. Hampton a federal patent protecting the formulation of H-42 Clean Clippers®. 

Afterwards, national, as well as international trademarks were also gained. Finally, solidifying the claims that Virucidal Anti-Bacterial H-42 Clean Clippers kills HIV-1 in addition to a host of bacteria, the product was registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Continued product developments and patent improvements have propelled Virucidal Anti-Bacterial H-42 Clean Clippers®  to be the number one selling clipper cleaner  with professional barbers and pet groomers in the United States.

Additionally, our H-42 Styling Iron Cleaner is a very potent cleaner that can remove even the toughest baked on grease and oil. When combined with the use of our sturdy H-42 Clipper Brush for occasional scrubbing, a stylist is sure to have a sparkling shine on their irons, before the next customer is seated and ready.

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